Inspirational Covid Face Masks
Inspirational COVID Face Masks

Our mission is simple but powerful!

Spread good energy & inspire others at the same time.

Keep that good energy flowing while wearing our masks! In these changing times, let’s all do our part and contribute to the world’s healing!

We all need inspiration! Let’s spread the LOVE! The world needs it right now!


Allyson & Robin

Inspirational COVID Masks

Browse our selection below and choose your inspirational message! We're making room for new inspirational sayings for 2021! Order now and save!

"Be Awesome" Mask
Special Price: $6.99 plus tax

"Smile Be Happy" Mask
Special Price: $6.99 plus tax

"Be Kind..." Mask
Special Price: $6.99 plus tax

"Kindness Rockstar" Mask
Special Price: $6.99 plus tax

"Gratitude Attitude" Mask
Special Price: $6.99 plus tax

"Spread Good Vibes" Mask
Special Price: $6.99 plus tax

Product Details

We All Need Inspiration COVID Face Masks

Our 2-ply washable and reusable unisex masks are made of dual-layer, soft cotton-polyester material that makes it comfortable and breathable. The stretch ear bands are made so they fit faces of all shapes and sizes. This mask also does have a side filter pocket.

This mask does not replace medical-grade protective masks or protect from spreading germs. This item is not eligible for return or exchange due to health reasons. Each mask fits everyone differently according to the size and shape of your face.


  • Unisex (Men & Women)
  • Dual-layer Cotton/polyester Fabric
  • Binding construction for strength
  • Soft earloops for comfort and easy wear


  • Face Width: 7.5 in
  • Face Center Height: 5 1/2 in
  • Fits Faces (ear to ear) 11 in to 14.5 in


Shipping is only available in the U.S. UPS ground shipping is $12 for orders of 1-12 masks, $15 for orders of 13-50 masks, and $20 for orders of 51-100 masks. Please contact us for orders of quantities larger than 100.

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